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CN-101958244-A: 深反应离子刻蚀方法及其气体流量控制装置 patent, CN-101958267-A: 浅沟槽填充方法 patent, CN-101959119-A: Agent-based mobile internet information exchange method patent, CN-101960116-A: 增压内燃发动机中的装置 patent, CN-101960473-A: 兴趣映射系统 patent, CN-101960717-A: 压电薄膜谐振器、滤波器、通信模块及通信装置 patent, CN-101962977-A: 预制墙元件 patent, CN-101963240-A: Expanding type metal seated ball valve patent, CN-101964927-A: 基于自动交换光网络的标签交换路径的关联方法及装置 patent, CN-101965592-A: 纸张类处理装置以及纸张类处理方法 patent, CN-101967090-A: Technology for extracting aurantio-obtusin patent, CN-101970621-A: 金属加工流体配制剂 patent, CN-101971845-A: Isoproturon and bensulfuron methyl combined herbicide patent, CN-101977654-A: Von willebrand factor specific binders and methods of use therefor patent, CN-101977781-A: 层合材料和使用该层合材料的充气轮胎 patent, CN-101978511-A: Pair of sealing films and solar battery using the pair of sealing films patent, CN-101979897-A: 滚子链 patent, CN-101980720-A: Pcv2猪肺炎支原体致免疫组合物及其制备方法 patent, CN-101980758-A: Batch process and system for the production of olefins patent, CN-101981075-A: Butene/alpha-olefin block interpolymers patent, CN-101981284-A: 内燃机的排气排放控制系统 patent, CN-101984743-A: Continuous outpatient ECG monitoring system patent, CN-101985217-A: 一种区域机器人智能定位系统及方法 patent, CN-101987050-A: 可降解双层复合输尿管支架管 patent, CN-101988220-A: 一种纺丝用辅助冷却装置 patent, CN-101990404-A: Sweetener compositions and methods of making them patent, CN-101990493-A: Liquid water resistant and water vapor permeable garments comprising hydrophobic treated nonwoven made from nanofibers patent, CN-101991394-A: Environment-friendly bowl-washing ball patent, CN-101991404-A: Contact type diagnostic system for retina image examination patent, CN-101991495-A: 多功能床边护理工作站 patent, CN-101991760-A: 一种治疗更年期综合症的中成药及其制备方法 patent, CN-101993398-A: 一种催化加氢制备1,8-二氨基-3,6-萘二磺酸的方法 patent, CN-101994521-A: Coal mine safety monitoring system patent, CN-101995844-A: Relay module with priority control function patent, CN-101995854-A: Monitoring method and system for ensuring safe operation of electric network patent, CN-101997110-A: 热碳还原法制备锂离子电池用锡碳复合负极材料的方法 patent, CN-101997848-A: Method and device for continuing call in call control of application server patent, CN-101997899-A: CBUS-based user selection method and device patent, CN-101999220-A: Method for transmitting ACK/NACK signal in wireless communication system patent, CN-102000371-A: 一种注射软膏专用注射器 patent, CN-102002212-A: Polyester film and producing method thereof patent, CN-102003406-A: Clean motor pump with water-tight function patent, CN-102004449-A: 一种分析光栏的控制系统 patent, CN-102006218-A: 隧道保护方法及装置 patent, CN-102006773-A: 用于将化合物递送给节肢动物和节肢动物内的微生物的制剂和设备 patent, CN-102007458-A: Dial-mode temperature controller that facilitates changing of temperature range patent, CN-102007486-A: Program designed master animation and method for producing thereof patent, CN-102007803-A: Mobile station device and transmission power control method patent, CN-102008634-A: Chinese medicinal health-care tea for preventing and treating diabetes patent, CN-102009023-A: 超声波二相流重力预筛选重复阵雾化装置 patent, CN-102009140-A: Horizontal continuous steel casting machine for casting molten steel into casting blank patent, CN-102013887-A: Driver for reducing voltage swing for digital-to-analog converter patent, CN-102014144-A: Method and device for submitting terminal data patent, CN-102014931-A: Use and preparation of paeoniflorin and the composition thereof patent, CN-102016408-A: 用于发光二极管照明装置的散热系统和方法 patent, CN-102017557-A: Methods and devices for making exchange processing for multiple sub channel signals in SC-FDMA system patent, CN-102018794-A: 一种治疗月经不调的中药 patent, CN-102019023-A: 呼吸面罩及其导接件 patent, CN-102019616-A: Electric grasping manipulator patent, CN-102020234-A: 用于半导体制成中的喷胶处理装置 patent, CN-102020390-A: Magnetoelectric nanofiltration sewage purification system and purification process patent, CN-102020656-A: 一种普拉格雷中间体,一种普拉格雷中间体的制备方法 patent, CN-102025181-A: 省电型在线互动式不断电源系统 patent, CN-102025200-A: Slotless breeze-driven generator set patent, CN-102025201-A: Electric machine winding arrangement patent, CN-102026937-A: Molding composition and method using same to form displacements for use in a metal casting process patent, CN-102027753-A: 用于卫星传送的电视的加密系统 patent, CN-102028859-A: 一种治疗哮喘的中药制剂的质量控制方法 patent, CN-102032262-A: 钢丝不规则形状间隙套管 patent, CN-102034298-A: Counterfeit currency preventing tracking system of automatic teller machine patent, CN-102034386-A: Universal module for puncture practice patent, CN-102034590-A: Heavy-calibre oil collection tube radiator for transformer patent, CN-102034805-A: Package integrating thermoelectric component with chip patent, CN-102035632-A: Data transmission method and system in wireless relay scene patent, CN-102036273-A: Method, device and system for measuring automatic neighbor relation (ANR) patent, CN-102036540-A: 屏蔽外壳 patent, CN-102037694-A: Compression of baseband signals in base transceiver systems patent, CN-102038767-A: 大枣有效部位和芦丁在制备降血脂药物方面的应用及降血脂药物 patent, CN-102040382-A: 镁锆砂的加工工艺 patent, CN-102040947-A: Biological oil removing agent for permanent-magnet materials patent, CN-102040970-A: 粘土钻井泥浆 patent, CN-102044598-A: GaN-based light-emitting diode epitaxial wafer and growing method thereof patent, CN-102045327-A: Method and equipment for defending against CC attack patent, CN-102046704-A: Process for producing thermoplastic resin composition patent, CN-102047380-A: 用于高压灯的防爆装置 patent, CN-102047588-A: 用于波分多路复用无源光网络的远程节点 patent, CN-102047625-A: Receiving device and adaptive modulation method patent, CN-102047760-A: Power supply device, lamp fitting, and vehicle patent, CN-102047978-A: Multi-vitamin white gourd milk patent, CN-102048699-A: 一种注射用醋酸曲普瑞林的缓释微球的制备方法 patent, CN-102049276-A: Mesoporous zeolite material with superparamagnetism and preparation method thereof patent, CN-102051711-A: Process for producing polyacrylonitrile based carbon fibers patent, CN-102052591-A: 固态照明灯具 patent, CN-102054149-A: Method for extracting malicious code behavior characteristic patent, CN-102054462-A: 低耗电显示控制方法与相关显示控制器 patent, CN-102055333-A: Voltage regulator structure patent, CN-102057526-A: Fuel filling kit and fuel filling method patent, CN-102057647-A: 覆盖网络的维护 patent, CN-102059788-A: 一种多层热缩管的加工方法 patent, CN-102060030-A: 车载式厕所 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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